At 'hic and cup' we know just how much kids want to have fun so although we have put a few pictures of some of the bracelets we have, if you want a specific design its possible to order a personalized request, just "contact us" with your name and details about your design.

Postage & Packaging

£ 1.50 

For orders under £10.00, please purchase 1x postage and packaging. For orders over £10.00 postage and packaging is free. For international orders please enquire by email.



£ 3.50 

Kids Bracelet: Blue and pearl coloured.



£ 3.99 

Children Bracelet: Yellow with purple flower



£ 3.99 

Children Bracelet: Pearl


Sweet Pea

£ 3.99 

Children Bracelet: Mixture of pink themed beads


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